Pricelist for Data Recovery

Our prices are set up for each case individually and reflect the amount of time spent on­ the data recovery. The price is determined after the free diagnostics test.


When examining the medium, we will attempt to estimate the amount of time needed to ­recover the necessary data, according to our previous experience. We will then multiply this estimate by the respective specialist’s hourly rate (varies for different defects).

Price guarantee

The final price given after the end of the diagnostics test is for both parties obligatory - if the data recovery process takes longer, this time is on our watch meaning you don’t pay any additional charges!

Satisfaction guaranteed

If we are for some reason unable to recover your data, you are not required to ­pay! You can check your data from the comfort of our office before paying.

Typical defects

Recovering a deleted file* 12 ­€
Rescuing files after the drive has been formatted from 40 €
Repairs to the hard drive electronics from 80 €
Repairs to drive internals from 120 €
Rescuing data from mechanically damaged drives from 2­00 €

*/ Special price incl. VAT. Valid only for standard mode and FAT / NTFS file systems. Further discounts can not be applied.


We give a 20% discount to students and teachers.

Time necessary for Recovery

The data recovery process lasts two business days on average. The length of the recovery period depends on the extent of the damage and the selected processing mode.

We will always inform you how long the process will take after the free diagnostics test and before work begins on the medium.

Priority and express processing

The fastest way to recover your data. You will receive your data back as fast as possible.

Find out more on speeding up your order here.

Payment method

You only pay for data recovery if your data is recovered!

Accepted payment methods

  • Cash on handover, 
  • Bank transfer to our account,
  • ­Cash on delivery.