First Steps towards Successful Data Recovery

If you cannot access your data and question their existence, you need to take several preliminary steps:

Desktops and notebooks

Disconnect ­the computer from the power source immediately. Do not turn off the computer through your operating system. This could lead to irreversible overwriting of your data.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to recover data yourself. Unprofessional interventions damage the data even more and can completely destroy it (e.g. when you open the hard drive).

Removable media

Secure the medium and contact us as soon as possible. Do not use the medium and do not attempt to recover the data yourself. For devices damaged by water, the success rate of data recovery depends on how fast ­the device arrives for repair.

Call our nonstop hotline

Under no circumstances should you attempt to recover data yourself! After securing the medium (see above), call our nonstop hotline at +420-777070750. Our trained operators will arrange a date and time when the damaged medium will be picked up and will discuss the details regarding the data recovery with you.

Success rate of data recovery

We recover almost 100% of all realizable cases. The success rate is substantially decreased, however, if the device is tampered with unprofessionally. Therefore, you should pay careful attention to the first steps in terms of recovering your data (see above).

As soon as you finish these first steps for a successful data recovery, the next phase follows: Package pick-up