Storage Media Supported for Data Recovery

We recover data from almost all types of storage media and devices. With our experience, we are even capable of saving data from less common types of media (older drives, magnetic tapes etc.).

We recover data from all types of storage devices:

Hard drives (hard disks, HDD) All types and sizes
Disk arrays (RAID) All levels
Memory cards All types
Flash drives (e.g. USB pen drives) No limitation
CD, DVD, Blu-ray No limitation
Floppy disks max. 5.25''
ZIP, JAZ, SyQuest No limitation
MO, magnetic tapes Most types
Other media Contact us

Whatever happened to your data, there is usually a chance for a successful recovery!

Not even an unusual file or operating system can stop us from recovering your data.

Data recovery from RAID Disk arrays

We have specialized in recovering data from RAID arrays for many years. We are even capable of recovering data without the original controller and knowledge of the precise array configuration.

We recover data from: all levels, configurations and versions of RAID

Data recovery from hard drives (HDD)

Data recovery from hard drives is one of the most requested services. Therefore, our offer includes data recovery from hard drives for desktops, notebooks and servers.

We recover data from: hard drives of all sizes, brands and types

Data recovery from other media

We also work with all types of mobile storage devices. We are capable of recovering your data from older and less common devices (floppy disks, magnetic tapes and others).

We recover data from: CD and DVD, memory cards, flash disks, floppy disks and other devices (see table above)

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