Time Necessary for Data Recovery

The data recovery process can take from several hours to several days. However, usually it does not take up m­ore than 2 business days time.

You will always be informed of the date and time the recovery process will be completed after the free initial diagnostics test, i.e. before any work is done on the medium.

The time spent on recovery depends not only on how the data was damaged but also the extent of the damage, and also on the selected processing method:

Express data recovery

The fastest way to recover your data. We begin working on recovering your data immediately and will work on it preferentially and nonstop, i.e. over night, over the weekend and on holidays. You will receive your data back as fast as possible.

Extra charge 33 %

Priority data recovery

Very fast data recovery. We will work on recovering your data immediately and preferentially, prior to other cases. You will receive your data back as fast as possible.

We process all orders received from our partners in this mode automatically.

Standard data recovery

We will devote our full time to recovering your data, however, we will not work on your data beyond work hours and order sequence. If you are in a hurry to recover data, you should rather take advantage of the Express recovery.

Advantage: one third cheaper­