Returning Recovered Data

Copying data

We copy the recovered data to the medium you provide or buy at our company (hard drive, CD, DVD). One copy to another storage device is free.

As soon as the data is saved on your medium, we will prepare the order for expedition and arrange for the data to be delivered to your address.

Handing over the recovered data

You can pick up your data personally at any of our branches, where you can also check the data under the comfort of our office.

If you want your data as soon as possible, we recommend using the messenger service and have your data sent to the place of your choice.

We ask you to show your ID card or proof of payment upon picking up the order.


The prices are given in the informative pricelist. We will give the exact price after the free initial diagnostics test, which will help us precisely determine the demandingness of ­the ­data recovery process. In any case, you only pay for data recovery if your data is recovered!

Accepted payment methods

  • Cash on handover,
  • Credit / debit card,
  • Bank transfer to our account,
  • Cash on delivery.