Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that I may lose data?

It's simple, you do not have access to your data. If you are under the suspicion or not sure, call our nonstop hotline: +420-777070750.

How can I prevent data loss?

Make backups of important data and maintain your computer and data medium in a clean and safe environment. We will be more than happy to suggest the most suitable manner of backing up your data according to your needs.

I accidentally deleted a file on my computer. Can the file be recovered?

Most probably yes. However, stop using the computer immediately and contact us.

When can I contact you?

You may call our nonstop hotline whenever you like at +420-777070750. We are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How much will the data recovery cost me?

Take a look at our informative pricelist. However, we will give you the exact price after the free initial diagnostics test.

How long does the recovery process take?

The initial diagnostics test usually takes a few hours. The recovery process itself usually takes two business days. However, you can have your data back much more earlier when­ you choose our express recovery mode.

Do I need to send my entire computer if it is only my hard drive that is damaged?

No, you do not. All we need is the hard drive itself. If you would like to recover data from a RAID array, also add the controller for faster processing.

How should I pack the medium?

We have prepared several tips on how to safely pack damaged media. See the Delivery page.

Can you recover data at my home/business?

Our work requires the use of special technical equipment, which we only have at our laboratories. Therefore we do not recover data on site at the client.

What is your rate of success?

We’re not making it up when we say that in most realizable cases, the rate of success for recovery exceeds 99%.

The chance of recovering lost data, however, markedly decreases with any experiments trying to recover the data by one’s own self, particularly after opening the hard drive.

If, for any reason, your data can not be recovered, you will not be forced to pay for the data recovery process.

Are you capable of recovering data even from obsolete storage media?

Yes, we are capable of recovering data from practically any type of medium.

Can I wait for the initial diagnostics results?

Yes, by agreement. However, we do warn you that in some cases, the diagnostics test may take hours to complete (complicated and software defects).

Does the warranty remain in tact if I submit my data for recovery?

In most cases yes. However, we will give you more information after the free initial diagnostics test.

What is your guarantee for protecting the data you have been entrusted with?

The security of entrusted data is our first priority. Find out more information on the Protection of entrusted data page.

Can I be present during the recovery stage?

No. Due to maintaining the security of entrusted data, this is not possible.

Where do you copy the recovered data?

We will copy the recovered data to the hard drive you have provided or bought at our company, or to another type of storage medium (USB flash disk, CD, DVD, etc.). We usually make a full copy of all data contained on the hard drive. We can also make a file copy, which is good for preserving the original data on the target drive.

How do I get my data back?

After the recovery process has concluded, we will contact you and arrange the delivery method. Find out more information on the Handing over recovered data page.

Do you repair hard drives?

We do not repair them because the repair costs are usually higher than the price of a new drive.

Do you sell spare parts?

No. But if you own a hard drive which you no longer use, we would be happy to buy it­ from you.