Data Recovery

We rescue data from almost all types of storage devices (hard drives incl. hard disk arrays - RAID, USB flash dirives, CD/DVD etc.). Throughout our 10 years of service, we have gained a lot of experience, thanks to which we have achieved a nearly 100% success rate in data recovery.

Therefore our technology and experience not only serves end customers, but also companies who engage in data recovery themselves.

When can data be recovered?

We recover data from almost all types of storage devices­ and almost all cases:

  • Formatted,
  • Deleted,
  • Reinstalled,
  • Empty (looks like new, even though it did contain data),
  • “Dead” (not detected),
  • “Clicking” (noise reproduction),
  • Electrical damage,
  • Mechanical damage,
  • And many other defects.

How do I know I might experience data loss?

  • The computer cannot see your files or directories (not displayed).
  • Files cannot be opened or their content is damaged.
  • The operating system cannot start.
  • The computer freezes or makes unusual noise.

In short, whenever you cannot access your data.

How CAN I get my data back?

  1. Do not try to recover data on your own. Stop using the device immediately and call our nonstop hotline at +420-777070750.
  2. Fill out the contact form and send your medium to ­our laboratory.
  3. After performing free initial diagnostics test, we will acquaint you with the next steps.
  4. We will recover your data as fast as possible.
  5. And finally, we will return your data into the right hands­.