Recovery and Copying Recovered Data

When recovering data, we read the damaged medium using specialized procedures, and create its w­ork copy on another device. The manner of data recovery is individual for each case and often time consuming – complicated data recovery can take up to several weeks!­

We begin with the data recovery process only after receiving your approval or order.

Software damage

We use our own unique software for light defects, which usually helps us quickly recover the data.

If the file system is damaged, we perform its reconstruction. This process can take a number of hours, depending on the size of the drive.

Hardware damage

We make a binary copy of data in a specially modified device for storage media with light damage.

If the internal electronics of the drive are damaged, we open the drive in a clean room and copy the data using a special device and software.

We apply the same procedure for mechanical failures. In such cases, the chance of recovering the data depends on the extent of damage to the drive.

The result is always a binary copy, which we then check and recover the file system if necessary.

How long does the recovery take?

We usually recover your data within 48 hours. The recovery process is much shorter in ­case of express recovery.

After the data is recovered, we will copy it to a device you have provided or bought from us and we will then contact you to arrange the handover.