Diagnostics before Data Recovery

After receiving the damaged medium, we always perform a free initial diagnostics test first.

Why is t­he diagnostics test important?

To determine the exact price and the time it will take to recover the data, we need to know the extent of damage­.

How long does the diagnostics process take?

The diagnostics process takes several minutes to hours after which we are capable of informing you of the price and date and time the recovery will be completed.

The diagnostics test does not obligate you

If the data recovery seems too expensive or does not meet your needs for some reason, you can cancel your order. You do not pay for the initial diagnostics test.

Price guarantee

The final price given after the end of the diagnostics test is for both parties obligatory - if the data recovery process takes longer, this time is on our watch meaning you don’t pay any additional charges!

After diagnostics comes: Recovering your data­