Delivering your Medium for Data Recovery

­After the first steps have been taken towards successful data recovery, you need to send the damaged medium to our laboratory.­

Picking up the order at your home or business

You don’t have to worry. We offer free pick up throughout the entire Czech Republic. All you need to d­o is call our hotline at +420-777070750 and arrange the date and time when your damaged medium should be picked up by us.

Before packing...

Please fill out the Order form carefully, print it out and attach it to the damaged medium. This will speed up the take in and order processing.

When recovering data from a hard drive, you do not have to send the entire computer, all we need is the drive. If you would like to recover data from a RAID array, send the controller for faster processing as well.

Recommendations for safe transport

Pack the medium carefully in order to protect it from damaging. Transparent plastic boxes for hard drives and bubble wrap has proven suitable.

As soon as we receive your medium, it will be subject to: The diagnostics